Archives for the month of: April, 2019

Our first 90 day practice period, or Kessei Ango, began with a shuso entering ceremony for this Ango’s ‘head monk’, Zenki Kathleen Batson.¬† We were honored by the presence of Rev. Chimyo Atkinson from Great Tree temple near Asheville, NC, for the occasion.


Chimyo and Jakuko await the procession

This is the fourth practice period at Red Cedar Mountain with a Shuso, but the first of this length, made possible by our becoming registered in Japan as an overseas special temple of Soto Zen. The final “shuso ceremony” (Hossenshiki) will be attended by a number of visiting priests including the ranking representative of Soto Zen in the United States, Genko Akiba Roshi, in June. Congratulations, Zenki!


We were again fortunate to have Okumura Roshi with us to teach Genzo-e sesshin retreat on Dogen’s teaching, March 1-6 this year. This time it was Shobogenzo¬†Menju, or “Face to Face Transmission”. Thirty-five participants from around the country and abroad spent five days together, the largest retreat we have ever had.