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On Saturday, June 4, Choro Carla Antonaccio and Bunkai Stephen Tracy celebrated their marriage in a Zen ceremony of vows and precepts, attended by many sangha members and friends. Great joy, greatly supported.




The sangha witnesses.


Malas exchanged….



LInoleum block print by Bunkai

LInoleum block print by Bunkai


Wondrous cake by sangha member Andrea Ashdown.


Bunkai, sister Elizabeth, brother in law Doug (in from California), Choro


Choro and childhood best friend Melissa Bessey.


We were very fortunate, and are very grateful, to have had the opportunity of a teaching retreat (genzo-e) with Shohaku Okumura Roshi, from August 5-10. Taking the form of a traditional meditation intensive (6 am to 9 pm, for five days, with formal zendo meals and many periods of meditation), this sesshin featured two, two hour periods of teaching each day for all five days. Roshi shared with us his translations and commentary on two fascicles of Soto Zen’s founder, Dogen Zenji: Mitsugo, or “Secret/Intimate Words”, and Dotoku, “Expression”. Planned for two years, more than 30 people participated, including from Florida, Virginia, Indiana, and elsewhere. (All photos courtesy of Kevin Heffernan.)


One of many pages of characters and terms....

One of many pages of characters and terms….

Shohaku Roshi

Shohaku Roshi

The group

The group