On Sunday October 14, 2012, on a beautiful fall day, the Chapel Hill Zen Center sangha and friends celebrated our new temple space, built during the spring and the summer through the efforts of many.

We had a two part ceremony, the first an “Eye Opening” for the large buddha figure now in the room, empowering the figure, and then a dedication of the space itself. The ceremonies started and ended with a procession, and offerings of light, bows, fruit, cake, tea, incense, and words.

During the Eye Opening ceremony the assembly chanted the Ten Epithets of Buddha while the Abbess used a paint brush to open the eyes of the figure: Thus Come One, One Worthy of Offerings, Fully Enlightened One, Complete in Wisdom and Practice, Well-Gone One, The Knower of the Worlds, The Unsurpassed, Tamer of People, Teacher of Devas and Humans, World Honored Awakened One. 

We chanted the Heart Sutra and the Disaster-Preventing Sho Sai Myo Kichi Jo Dharani. And then we enjoyed warm sun and shared in the reception. Thanks to Robert Haake for these wonderful photos, and to all who participated and helped to make the ceremony so memorable.

Thanks to everyone in the ten directions, for your support of the project, and for your practice.

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